CITROËN CX Prestige Turbo 2 1987


he Citroën CX is a large, front-engined, front-wheel-drive executive car manufactured and marketed by Citroën from 1974 to 1991. Production models took the form of a four-door fastback sedan, station wagon (estate), and a long-wheelbase fastback limousine. The CX is known for its hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension system, and its low coefficient of drag, underscored by its nameplate CX, which references the aerodynamics symbol c x c_{x} for drag coefficient.

Voted the 1975 European Car of the Year, the CX has been described by some enthusiasts as the last “real Citroën” before Peugeot took control of the company in 1976.

The CX was launched at the 1974 Paris Motor Show. Citroën was unable to schedule right-hand drive production of the car until well into 1975. The CX was initially a huge success in Europe, with more than 132,000 being produced in 1978. It found customers beyond the loyal DS customer base and used the technology of Citroën’s advanced grand touring personal luxury car, the SM. Unlike its principal competitors, the CX did not have worldwide distribution—the cost of development and improvements had to be met from a geographically small sales base. According to Driving & Motoring Month the CX “provides a startlingly intelligent set of solutions to modern motoring problems”. Indeed, the car’s name of CX is to refer to French term for drag coefficient, or coefficient (‘C’) along the X-axis (‘x’, being the longitudinal).

Mechanically, the car was one of the most advanced of its time, combining Citroën’s hydro-pneumatic integral self-leveling suspension, speed-sensitive DIRAVI fully-powered steering, and a uniquely effective interior design that did away with steering column stalks, allowing the driver to reach all controls while both hands remained on the steering wheel.

A Citroën design principle was that turning signals should not cancel themselves – this should be a conscious decision of the driver.

The CX perpetuated this feature, which is not shared by virtually any other contemporary automobile, limiting the CX’s potential use as a rental car.

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