JAGUAR XJ6 (X330) 3.2 LWB Manual 1996


Long Wheelbase (X330)

Midway through the 1995 model year, a long wheelbase version of the body shell was introduced, adding an extra 6 inches (150 mm) for rear seat occupants and an extra inch of headroom. This body style was available for all of the “classic” models (XJ, Sovereign, XJ12) but not the “sport” models (XJ Sport, XJR). There were two X330 variants, one with five seats and one with four, which featured a raised centre console between the two adjustable rear seats.

Internally, Jaguar referred to the long wheel base version as the X330 Majestic, although unlike the XJ40 they were never badged as such. The X330 bodies were built on the standard production line, whereas the XJ40 Majestic started as a SWB body which was then taken away and stretched by Project Aerospace in Coventry, before being returned and fitted out by Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations. This meant the X330 carried a much smaller price premium over the standard models, as compared to its predecessor. This mid-1995 model change also includes a revision in the rear suspension that allowed adjustment of toe-in.
Only 747 models were made and only a few with the manual gear box – XJ6 3.2 (LWB) – 747

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